ABLAZE records was founded with the intention of representing todays living composers across a range of media: chamber music, orchestral music, electronic music, choral music, ensemble music, string quartets. With over eighty composers from around the world now represented in our catalog, we are well on the way to offering a wide spectrum of listening experiences across the extremely wide aesthetic range of our composers.

Originally established in Australia, ABLAZE moved its substantive operations to the United States in 2008. Since that time, through annual calls for recordings and scores, ABLAZE has established a strong network of composers, many of whom have published with us numerous times.

Our interest is not just in composers of our time, but also in the performing artists who so beautifully represent them. Through our publications you will find some extraordinarily virtuosic and committed performances from artists around the world.

Finally, ABLAZE is committed to the very best in sound quality and distribution. To this end we have partnered with the best GRAMMY Award winning audio and mastering engineers. Our discs are distributed throughout the world in hard copy and direct digital download (DDD) format. In this we have partnered with Albany music distributors and NAXOS of AMERICA to make our discs and downloads available worldwide through direct hard copy sales and via the Naxos Music Library.