Nice Review in Flöte Aktuell of UNFINISHED EARTH

Translation of Flöte Aktuell

The inside of earth inspired Douglas Knehans for the two compositions that Mikel Toms and his Brno Philharmonic orchestra recorded here. Next to the title giving piece it’s the composition Tempest and its three movements for Flute and Orchestra that are impressive. Contrasting parameters on a dynamic level and almost spherical sounds that change with forceful tutti passages, build-ups with almost dramatic tension, dizzying technical parts as well as and a broad ambitus of the incorporated instruments are putting natures wonders into impressive musical use. The virtuoso solo part played by Gareth Davies, who plays the flute for the London Symphony Orchestra, is flawlessly mastered, as if he could withstand every storm.

Expressive, fearless and incredible energetic he plays with the Czech Philharmonic, especially in the stormy movements of Ostro (a wind in the Mediterranean) Mistral (south of France) and Etesian (Region next to Greece). Lyrical scenes are strengthening the deceptive calm, that erupts into violence and ever so strong winds. No surprise that the Album received three silver medals at the Global Music Awards.

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